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Second Year of Service

I wish to announce that we have quietly celebrated our second year of service delivery to the Edmonton and surrounding area. The website continues to garner worldwide attention with 48000 visitors. Rounding out the top 10 list of website uses are:
10. Edmonton
9.   Russia
8.   Denmark
7.   New Jersey
6.   France
5.   Netherlands
4.   Seattle
3.   Beijing
2.   Miami
1.   Dublin
I welcome legitimate blog entries and endeavour to provide you with any information I may have to assist you with your self-change efforts. I also commit to assisting you with suitable referrals to professionals to address both mental health and addictions issues.

Why I Don't Offer Free First Sessions?

The reason I do not offer a free first consultation is it tends to foster a therapeutic impasse. A free consultation places the responsibility on the therapist to convince the client they have a problem and need help. I work from the position of the client having acknowledged his/ her powerlessness and unmanageability over his/ her problem behaviour and readiness to do what it takes to start on the recovery journey. This therapeutic position tends to invite fewer service enquiries but also tends to provide a more ready, willing, and capable participant  for the intensive task work required. The most successful client is the one who has shown the courage to convince him or herself that they have a problem and must help themselves first.     

First Men's night out

Our first men's night out was a rewarding night. I am proud of your efforts to battle your addictions and stay standing. I look forward to our next one. Please watch the events page for more information. Thanks to Harry for your hospitality.

January 2013 Update

What an exciting time to be part of of this therapeutic endeavour. We have seen the implementation of a brand new website, a transition to a new office entity, and meeting with several new clients. The website has been visited by interested individuals from Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort Mac Murray, Sherwood Park, Virgina, Ohio, California, Beijing, Ireland, and beyond.
I look forward to the continuation of our intensive therapeutic work. My hope is that we can prepare another cohort of committed individuals to join one of the intensive men's groups or weekend retreats planned for Spring 2013. I have already received expressed interest in starting another Facing the Shadow Men's group. Please check our Events section regularly for updates.
We have now become Square mobile capable in order to accept immediate credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard) securely through mobile smart phone. This is offered in addition to our online PayPal services. Also note the previous domain-free logo has been replaced by a new copyrighted logo designed by my arts savvy daughter. This new logo will become the image associated with your recovery on purpose.


So nice to continue intensive treatment with my existing clients. I appreciate your passing on the word to your support groups about the services I provide. I invite interested individuals to contact me to discuss how I can help you.
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