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New Years Resolutions

I encourage any individual struggling with compulsive sexual behaviour to consider the New Year as the beginning of the end of your devastated relationships. A CSAT trained therapist is available to meet with you and help you acknowledge the consequences of your actions. Let 2015 be a year of healing, forgiveness, and grace. I look forward to meeting with and having you accept the healing which is available with your rigorous honesty.

I WILL NOT Negotiate with Addiction

An update for those who have rallied behind me in my battle with addiction in the life of my son. I had to let my son go to the streets of his own devices about four weeks ago now. I remain heartbroken and miss my son deeply. My beautiful boy became a stranger I could no longer protect with the mantle of my sobriety. I have not seen nor heard from him, and wait, knowing full well that addictions chooses its victims and waits methodically until it has squeezed out every ounce of willfulness. I await the possibility of my prodigal son reaching the crossroads where he is offered the path of willingness and surrender. I hope he survives!
Never underestimate the damage of your addictive behaviour in the lives of those who love you deeply. You will most likely be the last one to recognize the pain and suffering caused by addictions. Listen up! Be courageous and take the step which will bring you to that place where the pain of death becomes the shadow of a life worth living.   
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