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Recovery On Purpose will gratefully celebrate one year of service to the Edmonton area in December 2013. I became fully certified as a CSAT this week after an intensive 19 months of training and supervision. I have welcomed several new clients to our services in the last few months and look forward to the delivery of task groups to compliment the work being completed by the clients. I appreciate your continued attention to the website and the blogs. We continue to receive over 1000 visitors each month and have totalled over 14000 visitors in the last 11 months. I expect December to be another vibrant month. I welcome any emails or phone calls to inquire about your getting started on a life worth living. Successful therapy awaits the brave of heart.

Konichiwa Tomadatchi

I am pleased to see my friends in Tokyo have come on board and registered their visits on my site. In addition to my commitment to providing you with any tools you may need to strengthen your psyche, I also want to better understand the culture you are facing your problematic behavior in. I understand from my experience that substance abuse is frowned upon in Japanese culture. My understanding is that compulsive addictive behaviours such as sex addiction are much more common in Japanese culture.  I look forward to your educational response. Domo arigato.  


Nice to have received so many visitors from around the world including Beijing, Maryland, Florida, Red Deer, Dublin, and Edmonton. Please feel free to add to the blog, email, or contact me if I can be of assistance to you.


Glad to see so many hits so soon. Feel free to spin the hits as I look forward to hearing from you.

First post

Excited to have the webpage up and running. I look forward to expanding the site. Any inquiries are welcome.
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