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A device which works to overcome temptation or craving is to borrow from computer language the ultimate intervention:  Ctrl+Alt+Del.
The next time you are tempted beyond your willingness to enjoy the natural experience of temptation hit your Ctrl+Alt+Del button. What this means is to deliberately choose the action which will effect you desired change. If you are viewing pornography on the computer, hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons which will have immediate and irreversible outcomes of shutting down the sites you are viewing. You may also hit your power button on the CPU and shut down your computer completely.
This is also where you choose to phone a friend, sponsor, or mentor. If its efficient on the computer it will work with you. You also have the option of hitting the Esc button. Some situations can only be overcome by just walking away (escaping).

The Fiction of Me

"We create ourselves by what we choose to attend to. Once this work of self-authorship has begun, we then inhabit the world we have co-created. We self-seal. We don't notice anything except those things that confirm what we already think about who we already are...when we succeed in moving outside of our normal processes of self-reference and can look upon ourselves with self-awareness, then we have a chance at changing. We break the seal. We notice something new" (Wheatley, 1999). None of us discover who we really are until we free ourselves from the concepts of who we are and are not.
excerpted from Living With Your Heart Wide Open by Steve Flowers and Bob Stahl (2011).


Sorry I have not been adding to my blog as of late but I have been dealing with a serious case of ‘blamarrhea.’ I am dismayed at the number of folks who have selfishly used a public venue to peddle their junk products. These few individuals have exhausted my time and prevented well-meaning individuals from utilizing my blog as an avenue for help from the life-damaging consequences of substance abuse and other addictive behaviours. I will continue to report the blammers to my website manager and block your efforts on my public site. You will not receive the attention you are seeking. 

Appreciation For Your Responses

Please be advised that I have been receiving an overwhelming number of responses to my blog. I am very appreciative of your attention to my message. I endeavour to respond to every legitimate blog comment however, I have also been receiving "Blamming" from individuals seeking to market their wares. I will not post these "blooming blamms" nor will I respond - please stop wasting my time and your own. I do however, invite your personal comments and responses and look forward to responding to them. Thanks for your understanding.

Copyright of Intellectual Property

I have been asked an important question from my brethren in China regarding concern for the copyright of my intellectual property. I view recovery as a universal language without capitalism. Experiences are lived and turned into personal slogans and sayings.The vast majority of what I make available to you has been passed on to me by individuals just like you. Additionally, every therapeutic encounter produces rich experiences for both the client and myself which are nothing short of amazing. These experiences are then shared in the form of a metaphor, story, blog entry, or new illustration which becomes a part of the language of recovery. I also remain deeply indebted to the amazing stories which you, the client, continue to privilege me with during the hour of power.
我已要求一个重要的问题从我的弟兄们在中国关于版权我知识产权的关注。作为一种通用语言不用资本主义查看恢复。经验是生活,变成了个人口号和说法。绝大多数的什么我向您提供了已传给我,就像你的个人。此外,每个治疗遭遇产生丰富的经验,为客户端和我自己都不是惊人的。这些经验然后共享形式的隐喻、 故事、 博客条目或新的插图,成为经济复苏的语言的一部分。我也仍然深切地感谢你,客户端上,继续我的特权,小时内电源的神奇故事。


热烈欢迎我的朋友们在中国的伟大的民族。我不知所措你的同胞们和我在我的网站上提供的信息的农村妇女所表示的兴趣。我希望我可继续支持你那些以自控和充满活力的生活的每个。请让我知道如何我可能会继续帮助您在您的自我发现。我也想要有礼貌地提醒你,我只会从个人和公司名称不发布博客回应。我曾收到多次试图通过我的博客做广告。这可以防止个人从接受咨询,他们可能会寻找找到强度可能会发现你很大。罗伯特· Kaminsky

Я дуже радий почути від моєї сім'ї спадщини у Львові.

Я дуже радий почути від моєї сім'ї спадщини у Львові. Моє прізвище з регіону був Полювання. Сім'я приїхала до Канади зі Львова на початку 1900-х. Моє серце і душа підтримувати роботу тверезих людей в регіоні. Я присвячую мою роботу тим, хто її потребує. Я не вільно говорити українською, але може перевести ваші повідомлення. Ви можете зв'язатися зі мною по електронній пошті.

Роберт Камінський

How Do I Rebuild Trust?

Believe what you see. If your partner is doing the work of recovery and you see continued evidence of this, perhaps there is reason to begin to have trust again. While it is not healthy for you to be in the role of checking up on your partner like a detective, you will soon see evidence that he or she is or is not worthy of trust.
Believe your feelings. Learn once again to listen to your inner voice. Unfortunately, many partners have learned not to trust their feelings because the sex addict was so convincing in the past. He or she may have gone to extraordinary lengths to persuade you not to trust your feelings. In the past you denied suspicions and dismissed the inner voice telling you that something was going on behind your back. You convinced yourself it was all in your mind, or your partner convinced you to trust his or her version of the truth and not your own reality.
Part of taking care of yourself is realizing that you can trust your feelings and your inner voice.
direct excerpt from "Stop Sex Addiction - Real Hope, True Freedom For Sex Addicts and Partners" by Milton S. Magness.

Добро пожаловать

Добро пожаловать в моих коллег братьев в России и в частности Нижний Новгород. Я взял уведомление о ваш интерес к восстановлению и стараюсь поддерживать ваши усилия, чтобы найти трезвой жизни. Я также хочу предоставить культурные идеи и материалы поддерживает любые усилия, которые вы сделать построить сообщество важным восстановления. Пожалуйста, дайте ваши потребности быть известны, и я буду видеть, что ресурсы направляются свой путь. Спасибо за ваш интерес.
Роберт Каминский

I Get It! Do You?

Where are the individuals who have stood six feet from the edge and thought…maybe six feet ain’t so far down? Who has experienced the stench from the sulfurs of hell? Who has witnessed the loss of a loved one who’s health silently deteriorated to unconsciousness and death. Addiction shows no mercy and will never let up given a choice. To addictions I have lost my father, my mother, and most recently an incredibly wounded and vibrant young mother of a 9 year old daughter in foster care who will never get to know her mother whose battle with chaos was lost in the solitude of addiction.
Addiction kills. Even worse, addiction mames, destroys, divides, and conquers. If you are reading this you have not taken your addiction as seriously as you need to. My life has been forever altered due to the subtleties of addiction in my family of origin. If my problematic behaviours had not been alcohol, marijuana, stealing or pornography…they could just as easily have been gambling, sex, narcotics, or violence. I need to do conscious battle with addiction within myself and the clients I serve on a daily basis. Please want to live…please need to live…desire the peace which surpasses all understanding within the conscious contact with a sober mind.
I choose to do this work in addictions because it provides me with focus. I serve my Master in the battlefield of human suffering (soul, spirit, body, and mind). I would not want to be doing this battle alone or with another individual who was less aware of the enemy that we face from all fronts. A client is the best of allies when we face the common enemy. Your recovery is vital towards my own recovery. Fear not for I, to, am in this battle to the end.
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