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Why do I need therapy if I have the 12 Steps?
The reality is that you are asking the question because you recognize there is something missing from your recovery. Twelve-step groups do a wonderful job in accommodating the addiction story and facilitating the recovery story. Therapy serves as the bridge between the two and provides the venue to initiate the grievance story. The grievance story is an opportunity to take stock and inventory those things which you have lost in the fires of your addiction. Without taking stock and initiating this inventory, the recovery is really stalled at an intellectual exercise in understanding transformation from a cognitive perspective.
I believe that a recovery transformation, though conceptualized in the framework of the 12 Steps, requires that full connection with one's emotions in a safe and therapeutic environment found best in therapy.

First Men's night out

Our first men's night out was a rewarding night. I am proud of your efforts to battle your addictions and stay standing. I look forward to our next one. Please watch the events page for more information. Thanks to Harry for your hospitality.


Just wish to express my appreciation for the individuals who display great courage in attending intensive therapy. I am truly blessed through this privilege of meeting and connecting with each one of you. May you continue to invest in a life well lived, and abundant life with blessings overflowing, a purpose driven life with intention. The cure is not in destroying the dragon but in fashioning individual ways to harness the beast and using your addiction story to soar above your present circumstances on the back of the dragon. I will continue to equip you for this task.  

January 2013 Update

What an exciting time to be part of of this therapeutic endeavour. We have seen the implementation of a brand new website, a transition to a new office entity, and meeting with several new clients. The website has been visited by interested individuals from Edmonton, Red Deer, Fort Mac Murray, Sherwood Park, Virgina, Ohio, California, Beijing, Ireland, and beyond.
I look forward to the continuation of our intensive therapeutic work. My hope is that we can prepare another cohort of committed individuals to join one of the intensive men's groups or weekend retreats planned for Spring 2013. I have already received expressed interest in starting another Facing the Shadow Men's group. Please check our Events section regularly for updates.
We have now become Square mobile capable in order to accept immediate credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard) securely through mobile smart phone. This is offered in addition to our online PayPal services. Also note the previous domain-free logo has been replaced by a new copyrighted logo designed by my arts savvy daughter. This new logo will become the image associated with your recovery on purpose.

Bloghts "Blog thoughts"

I frequently confront the question "how is resolution brought to an irreparable relationship?" A great reality is that a relationship in conflict is more the norm than the exception. The fact that a son has a fractured relationship with a father or the father recognizes enmity between his self and his son is inevitable. Much the same dynamics exist between daughter and mother and with in laws. So what do we do with this reality? If the enmity is accepted as a reality, then we can embrace the relationship, which falls short not of our own doing, and truly nurture every opportunity presented with the relationship as it is. Forgiveness becomes acceptance as a just reward.  


So nice to continue intensive treatment with my existing clients. I appreciate your passing on the word to your support groups about the services I provide. I invite interested individuals to contact me to discuss how I can help you.

Happy New Year

I want to wish the 101 visitors to the website over the last week a healthy and successful New Year. I hope you choose to participate in intensive therapy for yourself, your partner, and/or your family. I am available to serve your interests in this endeavour. I look forward to hearing from you in 2013.


Nice to have received so many visitors from around the world including Beijing, Maryland, Florida, Red Deer, Dublin, and Edmonton. Please feel free to add to the blog, email, or contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

Merry Christmas

At this difficult time of the year, I wish you a very thoughtful and courageous time to reflect upon this year's losses and the gains that are awaiting you in a new life. This new life is the promise given to us in the Christmas Season. I wish you the strength and security which comes from a loving community.


Glad to see so many hits so soon. Feel free to spin the hits as I look forward to hearing from you.
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