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CSAT therapists are among the most knowledgeable in the field of addictions. It would be a pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you.
Robert Kaminsky
Robert Kaminsky
MC, CSAT/ CMAT Therapist.

I believe in the individual's capacity for change based upon his/ her inert strengths residing within. I have managed my own personal transformation for the last 30 years and value both a therapeutic and a recovery community. I embrace a model of recovery and wellness that accepts existential anxiety, depression, and distress as pathways to a peace and serenity within our reach.

At Recovery On Purpose Robert works with individuals identifying as an addict or displaying unmanageable compulsive behaviours. He also works with partners of sex addicts and in the recovery of families from the life-damaging consequences of addictions. Robert utilizes the 30 Task Model for recovery developed by Patrick Carnes.

Robert specializes in addictions (substance, process, sex) with an emphasis on co-occurring disorders. He has extensive experience in cognitive behavioral interventions for depression, anxiety, ADHD, cognitive impairment, and compulsive behaviours. Robert maintains an integrative therapeutic position utilizing evidence-based practice including psychodynamic, existential, and emotion-focused interpersonal therapy. Robert worked in residential treatment for 12 years where he mastered the development and nurturance of a therapeutic relationship with the client. He acknowledges the success of cultivating a therapeutic community for the individual to heal within. Where residential treatment is unavailable, Robert facilitates the client’s development of collateral supports to serve as a therapeutic community.

Robert holds his Masters of Counselling degree from the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology – Athabasca University. His four year undergraduate degree is a major in psychology (applied emphasis) from Concordia University College of Alberta. Robert completed his Certification as a Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) with the International Institute for Trauma Addiction Professionals (IITAP) in October 2013 and CMAT in 2016. His fees are redeemable on your healthcare plan and/ or as a medical expense on your federal income tax.

Robert can be contacted through click on “Find a certified therapist” or directly at 780 686-7018.
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